Use One Charger For Every Device You Own

Technology is evolving, so should you. Be more efficient and productive by trading in all of your power cords for a J-Go Tech Charger.

Leave your bulky, heavy charger at home.
travel longer, lighter & smarter with a J-Go Tech portable charger.

One Charger That Does The Job Of 3

Charge your cell phone, tablet and laptop all at one time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do other customers use their J-Go Tech Charger?

We’ve received a ton of feedback from you guys on how your charger has impacted your life!
We often heard about the confidence boost you have knowing your laptops won’t die in the middle of your business meetings or presentations, as well as the sense of security you have knowing you’ve got enough power supply to get you through that flight, car trip, job site or study time in the library.
Share your experience with us by using #thejgotechway

I have an older computer; can I still use your chargers?

Short answer: In most cases, yes.
A longer answer can be given by our team if you reach out to us with your computer brand and model.
We’ll send you a message back with exactly what you need to start charging smarter and carrying lighter.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We support many countries across the globe.
Your shipping rate is automatically calculated upon check-out based on your location.
Check out our shipping policy for more information.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with my order?

No worries! Our 30-Day Guarantee (or your money back) is your ultimate safe-guard.
Our goal is that you enjoy your new charger. If you aren't satisfied for some reason,
we can help you exchange your product or assist you with returning it for a refund.

Can I bring a J-Go Tech Power Bank on the airplane?

You sure can. In order to comply with TSA and FAA regulations a power bank must by under 99Wh and the product specifications must be printed clearly somewhere on the power bank. Every power bank located in our USB-C PD Power Bank selection meets these requirements.
Some airlines do enforce additional regulations regarding power banks, so be sure to check your airline's specific policy prior to flying.

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