ImpactGuardian 6-in-1 Car Safety Device & Charger | 2,200 mAh


Brand J-Go Tech

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The holiday travel season is quickly approaching. Show your loved ones that you care by getting them a useful gift that they can use everyday and helps keep them safe. Every time we get behind the wheel, you just never know what will happen. Be prepared with this handy device. 

6 Critical Functions

  1. Mobile Device Car Charger
    By simply plugging this device into your vehicle's cigarette lighter, you can plug in your USB charging cable to quickly charge your cell phone or tablet.
  2. Emergency Flashlight w/ 2 Brightness Modes
    There's nothing worse than having car trouble at night. Whether you need the flashlight to help you find something, provide light while you change a flat tire, take a glance under the hood or even see what's ahead, this bright 140 lumen flashlight is a handy tool to have nearby.
  3. Red Emergency Flashing Beacon
    No matter if you're trying to signal for help or warn other drivers, this rapidly flashing red light is sure to capture the attention of other drivers.
  4. Window Breaker
    Sometimes a collision can cause your vehicle door to be jammed, forcing those inside the car to escape through a window, which can be very dangerous and difficult. The patented window breaker allows you to break a car window to escape more easily and safely. 
  5. Seatbelt Cutter
    This extremely sharp seatbelt cutter is essential for cutting yourself free from a stuck seatbelt in an emergency scenario. While the blade is sharp, it is designed to be easily used and prevent accidental cuts. 
  6. Backup Powerbank
    The 2,200mAh powerbank is essential for powering your phone while making calls and waiting for help. This battery also powers the flashlight and emergency flasher, so there's no need for extra batteries. The internal powerbank charges by simply plugging it into your vehicle's cigarette lighter. This allows the battery to charge while you're using it to charge your mobile device, so it's always fully charged and ready when you need it. Alternatively, it can also be charged via the micro-USB port located above the regular USB port. 

ImpactGuardian by J-Go Tech


Color Black w/ Red Band
Height 4 1/2"
Width 1 1/2"
Thickness 1"
Weight 2.8oz
Capacity 2,200mAh
Output USB Port, via Car Charger (DC 5V/2A) or via Power Bank (DC 5V/1.5A)
Input Micro-USB (DC 5V/800ma) or Car Charger (DC 12V ~ 24V)
Material Aluminum & ABS
Battery Type Lithium
Flashlight LED, 1W/130-140 Lumens
Certifications RoHS, CE, FCC
Warranty 36 months
Includes Micro-USB Charging Cable, Instructions


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