Take Advantage

Our team of experts are here to help you with one on one personalized service. No obligations or pressure. Just a helping hand that is equipped with enough knowledge to provide you with valuable input.

Unbiased Recommendations

Our team recognizes that there may be other solutions offered by other companies that better align with your intended use.

For this reason, our team stays up-to-date on latest trends and technology. If another company's product works better for you, we'll be honest and let you know that.


We take the extra steps needed to collect all necessary information in order to deliver a fully tailored power solution to you.

We're able to confidently recommend a tailored solution that fits your specific needs, after researching the specifications and compatibility of all of the suggested components.

Save Time, Money & Energy

Time, from having to research the knowledge we already have.

Money, from buying power solutions that potentially will not be compatible for what you need them for.

Energy, from the hours of research, buying, testing, Just to cross your fingers for the right outcome.

" J-Go Tech has excellent tech support! I contacted them before even purchasing any of their product because I needed help getting the correct and compatible cables to set up my surface pro X with a docking station and connect a keyboard, a mouse, and a monitor to my surface. They asked me to send them a link of all my devices so that they could make sure they were giving me the correct information. They were very fast and reliable and now I have an awesome desk setup all thanks to them. Even though they do not carry usb hubs or docking stations (yet), they still suggested which one to get even if it wasn't from their company. I was so satisfied by their customer service that I ended up buying a portable charger and the USB-C to surface connect cable. It's been incredibly useful to take that to school. "

5-Star Google Review


There's plenty of portable power options available, but knowing which one is the right one for you can make a big difference.

However, sometimes it's hard to determine which solution will align best with your end goals. We're happy to put our enterprise to use and provide you with tailored recommendations for your power solution. 

Business customers

As an authorized reseller of other top brands, our Team has the ability to provide your business with an end-to-end sustainable solution tailored to achieve the business’ objective(s). Our clients are often seeking to:.

  • increase their employees’ charging portability
  • optimize their current portable charging infrastructure 
  • and/or standardize resources

We’ve successfully outfitted portable power solutions for small teams, departments and enterprise-wide implementations. Our global business customer base spans across most commercial and industrial sectors, including healthcare and government.

Our value-added services include educational in-service demonstrations and implementation assistance to promote proper utilization and upkeep. We are committed to your employees’ satisfaction and success.

If you already know which products would best suit your business' objective, please fill out our short business inquiry form here, and our team will be in contact with you with you shortly.