Striving to be the difference you want to experience. 

"...these core principles are still ingrained into who we are and everything we do at J-Go Tech.”

- Jay Terry, Founder & President

Our Mission

At J-Go Tech, our mission is to enhance the lives of our customers every day by exceeding their expectations. We accomplish this through offering the most innovative and safe charging products, our dedication to ensuring that every customer receives a product that performs as promised and providing a world-class level of personalized support before and after your purchase.

As technology and USB-C experts, we are able to help our customers find the best possible solution for their needs and understand how the products can seamlessly fit into their daily lives.

Our Products Are Tested, Trusted & Endorsed by
Several Accredited Sources for Consumer Electronics

The Verge

" For the most power for your dollar, the J-Go Tech Tanker Xtreme offers a lot of juice, a good variety of ports ... its bundle offers the best value for your money. "

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" This third-party Surface Connect to USB-C adapter is a must have for Surface users. "

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Windows Central

" The lack of USB-C on the Surface Pro isn't an issue; grab this and hook it up to your existing USB-C PD power bank. "

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Switch Chargers

" The J-Go Tech Tanker is a power bank with an actual name. Unlike [other competitors] it offers 45W output, enough for most small and mid-sized laptops. "

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" Can even charge the Mac Book Pro and Nintendo Switch! I've been waiting for a power bank that could do this for a long time.  

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The Mobile Tech Review

" One of the highest capacity portable chargers (battery power bank) on the market: the Tanker Xtreme by J-Go. "

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Fast Charging Solutions

We have tailored solutions for thousands of customers, from everyday consumers simply looking for a new charger to large corporations seeking portable charging solutions for a wide variety of devices to implement across several locations. Whether you’re new to USB-C technology or a seasoned veteran, we have the knowledge and experience required to support you.  

Our Commitment to You

1. World-class customer service before and after your purchase

Our US-based team is determined to ensure customer satisfaction. For us, anything less than a 5-star experience isn’t acceptable.

2. Top-quality, innovative products that perform as promised.

Every product goes through a cycle of inspections and tests by our in-house quality control team before products are shipped to customers.

3. Market-leading warranties to ensure peace-of-mind.

We believe that warranty coverage is essential, so we provide the best-in-class warranty coverages.

4. USB-C experts ready and willing to help.

Our team routinely collaborates to share experiences and insights with the rest of the team. We believe that this collaboration ensures each team member is equally equipped to support our customers.

5. Scalable solutions to meet the needs of individuals and companies.

As a total solutions provider, we have partnered with other top brands to provide our customers with the best possible solution, regardless of if it’s our own product.

We understand that USB-C can be challenging to understand and, more importantly, adapt to your lifestyle. While some customers may have never heard of USB-C yet, we believe that it is the future of connectivity for portable devices and we’re ready to help customers through this transition as the market continues to migrate to this connector.

Complimentary consultations

A Note from Jay

I started the company based upon my idea that a new company could achieve success in a saturated market if they truly prioritized their customers over their profits. This vision developed from my experience in retail electronics over the course of many years. Customers were asking for solutions to make their lives easier but only found red tape and delays. They wanted quality products that they could trust but were barraged with questionable alternatives. Above all, they wanted knowledgeable support that could be easily understood and readily available, rather than spending valuable time on hold with off-shore call centers.

To be the difference that customers were seeking, I knew that we would need to:
1. Quickly adapt to the ever-changing needs of customers.
2. Offer premium-quality products that customers could trust.
3. Provide knowledgeable and personalized support to customers at their convenience.

Of course, this vision has developed and evolved over the years, but these core principles are still ingrained into who we are and everything we do at J-Go Tech.

- Jay Terry
Founder & President

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