" I started the company based upon my idea that a new company could achieve success in a saturated market if they truly prioritize their customers over their profits. I began seeing these issues during college when I was working in an electronics retail store.

Customers were asking for solutions to make their lives easier, but only found red tape and delays. They wanted quality products that they could trust, but were barraged with questionable alternatives. Above all, they wanted knowledgeable support that could be easily understood and readily available, rather than spending valuable time on hold with off-shore call centers...

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 ... I knew that if we were agile enough to quickly adapt to the ever-changing needs of our customers, offer premium-quality products that they could trust and support them at their convenience, we would achieve our goals and be the difference customers are seeking. ”

- Jay Terry
Founder & President

We are committed to helping our customers regain valuable time and make their lives easier by integrating innovation with practicality.

By combining some of the best power bank technology and innovation available today with unparalleled customer service and product-quality testing, we offer our customers a truly unique experience.

Rather than offering products that can be purchased anywhere, we strive to be the place where you find truly unique products.

​We always welcome your feedback and can guarantee that your message will be read. Please don't hesitate to reach out and let us know what you would like to see next.

Our top priority is providing our customers with the best quality products and unparalleled 24/7 customer service. Due to our customer-centric policies, our customers can be confident that they will receive the product, support and quality they desire. Check out our 5-Star Google review ratings.   

Our Prompt and Courteous support teams are 5-Star Rated.

Our products are manufactured with premium, trusted components.

We test each product before making it available for purchase.

We Are Trusted and endorsed by several accredited sources for consumer electronics  

The Verge

" For the most power for your dollar, the J-Go Tech Tanker Xtreme offers a lot of juice, a good variety of ports ... its bundle offers the best value for your money. "

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" This third-party Surface Connect to USB-C adapter is a must have for Surface users. "

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" Can even charge the Mac Book Pro and Nintendo Switch! I've been waiting for a power bank that could do this for a long time. Great work J-Go Tech. "

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The Mobile Tech Review

" One of the highest capacity portable chargers (battery power bank) on the market: the Tanker Xtreme by J-Go. "

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" The J-Go Tech Tanker is a power bank with an actual name. Unlike [other competitors] it offers 45W output, enough for most small and mid-sized laptops. "

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Windows Central

" The lack of USB-C on the Surface Pro isn't an issue; grab this and hook it up to your existing USB-C PD power bank. "

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