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With its commitment to providing best-in-class, reliable charging technology, Energear has proven to be at the forefront of manufacturing premium USB-C PD charging solutions.

In recognition of this, J-Go Tech is proud to announce its partnership with Enegear and our expansion of premium USB-C PD charging solutions.

Streamline your charging setup with power solutions capable of meeting the charging needs of all your devices. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or phone, we’ve got you covered.

45W Waterproof Power Bank Set45W Waterproof Power Bank Set
Sold out


45W Waterproof Power Bank Set

27W USB-C Wall Charger27W USB-C Wall Charger


27W USB-C Wall Charger

46W USB-C Wall Charger46W USB-C Wall Charger


46W USB-C Wall Charger

From $39.99
65W USB-C Wall Charger65W USB-C Wall Charger


65W USB-C Wall Charger

From $44.99
85W USB-C Wall Charger85W USB-C Wall Charger


85W USB-C Wall Charger

From $49.99
27W USB-C Car Charger27W USB-C Car Charger


27W USB-C Car Charger

30W USB-C Car Charger30W USB-C Car Charger


30W USB-C Car Charger

45W USB-C Car Charger45W USB-C Car Charger


45W USB-C Car Charger