Celebrate Dad the right way with a tech gift to add to his arsenal.

It’s that time of year again. Time to figure out what to get him for Father’s Day. 

If you haven’t thought of the perfect gift yet, don’t worry! Whether you're shopping for your dad, husband or son, we’re positive we’ve found the perfect something for even the pickiest fathers out there. Time to help Dad level-up his tech gadgets with some of these Staff-Picks.

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Cables + Adapters

Surface Connect to USB C Cable

Give Dad the flexibility to work, surf or play online with the Surface Connect to USB C cable. Pair it with a compatible power bank or wall charger for the ultimate charging solution that is half the size and weight of his OEM charger.


Surface Connect to USB C Adapter

Give dad the flexibility of changing any USB C to C Cable into a charging cable for his Surface device. He can easily use this Surface Connect to USB C adapter to create the ultimate charging solution.


USB C Magnetic Adapter

Charge safely and conveniently with this USB C magnetic adapter. Long gone are the days of tripping over the charging cable and damaging your laptop. With this adapter, safely connect and disconnect your charging with ease. It also supports up to 20V / 5A power (100W), 4K video and 10Gbps data transmission.


4M USB C to C Gaming Cable

Let Dad play comfortably in virtual reality with this Oculus Link Cable alternative. The 90-degree right angle USB C connector plugs comfortably into your headset, while the opposite end plugs into your PC via a heavy-duty USB C connector with a reinforced base that can withstand continuous activity. This is the next best alternative to the official Oculus Quest Link Cable.


Smart Watch Chargers

Pocket-Sized Apple Watch Travel Charger

This stylish key chain charger connects quickly to the back of your Apple Watch to deliver a full charge while you’re on the go. This portable chargers doubles as a charging dock for your side table, too, and will hold your watch securely in place through the night.


Car Chargers

45W PD Laptop Car Charger

J-Go Tech’s 45W Car Charger is one of the only car chargers that supports Quick Charge 4.0+, power delivery and PPS charging .

Featuring a 3-Level Current, Voltage and Temperature Regulation Protection System that help to reduce the strain on your device's battery and significantly improves the lifespan of the J-Go Tech Car Charger in comparison to traditional chargers.


6-in-1 Tactical Car Charger

The  6-in-1 Car Tactical Car Charger will help Dad in case of a roadside emergency. Use the bright red LED strobe as an emergency beacon for nighttime emergencies, or the built-in LED light to easily view things the dark.  If he becomes trapped in the car after an accident, he can use the razor sharp seat belt cutter and built-in window breaker to free himself. Always in arms reach, the car charger can also be taken out and used as a portable charger for his cell phone.


Wall Chargers

61W GaN Wall Charger

Level up your dad's technology with J-Go Tech's 61W Wall Charger. It was engineered to be highly efficient by replacing silicon (found in 98% of today's wall chargers and adapters for Gallium Nitride (GaN). GaN Technology creates smaller and lighter chargers with higher charging efficiency.


112W Dual Port Wall Charger

This 112W USB-C Wall Charger with Power Delivery (PD) enables faster charging for more powerful devices, such as Windows laptops, Apple MacBook, Nintendo Switch, Samsung Notebook, Microsoft Surface models, Android devices and more. It has a USB C 100W PD port, as well as a 12W USB A port.


96W Desktop Charger

 Allow dad to consolidate 5 of his chargers down to 1 with this desktop charger. This J-Go Tech charging solution has a built-in intelligent chip that allows you to simultaneously charge multiple devices quickly. Every port is a fast charging port that allows you to rapidly recharge your devices that support USB Power Delivery or QC 3.0.


Portable Chargers

The Tanker Power Bank

The Tanker power bank is a high performing charging solution that delivers up to 45W of power for Dad's laptop. He'll be able to charge 3 devices simultaneously and travel easily. The Tanker power bank is engineered within FAA & TSA Limits for Lithium Batteries + Flights


RevAMP Mini Portable Charger

This portable charger would allow Dad to charge up to 2 devices simultaneously. With a large 12,000mAh charge capacity, it’s perfectly fine if he forgot to recharge it last night. The digital display shows the remaining battery life, so he'll always know how much charge is remaining.


PowerStore Hybrid

 The PowerStore power bank is a portable charger  with 16GB of internal storage for safe-keeping important documents. As a safe and easy way for Dad to store his documents while charging his phone, this is a must have device for any Dad.


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