Media Highlights

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The Verge

"Turns out, someone was listening to at least one of those suggestions because you can now purchase a cable that lets you directly connect a Surface Pro or Surface Laptop to a USB-C battery or wall adapter for charging..."


"J-Go Tech, an American portable charging solutions startup, has introduced a unique Surface Connect cable that allows you to charge your Surface Pro or Surface Laptop via a USB-C wall charger or power bank..."

Switch Chargers

"The J-Go Tech Tanker lives up to it’s unique name. With 26,800mAh capacity it’ll recharge the Switch more than 3 times. That is more than 12 hours of playtime with an already charged Switch, even with the most demanding games. Unlike most other 26,800mAh power banks it outputs up to 45W..."


"...if you have been wanting to charge your Surface Laptop or Pro device with Type-C, you will now be able to do so. A new company by the new of J-Go Tech is selling ..."

Tablet Pro

"This USB-C power back that charges your laptop, Surface Pro 6 connector, double battery life, gaming for hours?? Use the Tanker Elite to charge almost any laptop, tablet, phone or game system that uses USB-C. Can even charge the Mac Book Pro and Nintendo Switch! I've been waiting for a power bank that could do this for a long time."