A common question is "How much power do I need?". 

The answer is "It depends". 

Here are some examples that can help you out. 


Examples From Our Power Boost Collection
Product Apple Watch 2-In-1 Charger SlimCharge
Power Capacity 700mAh 2,500mAh
Mobile Phone N/A 1 Charge
Apple Watch 1-2 Charges N/A


Examples From Our All-Day Power Collection
Product PowerStore Hybrid RevAMP Mini
Power Capacity 5,000mAh 12,000mAh
Mobile Phone Up To 2 Charges Up To 4 Charges
Tablet Up To 1 Charge 1-2 Charges


Examples From Our Power Endurance Collection
Product RevAMP XL The Tanker
Power Capacity 22,000mAh 26,800mAh
Mobile Phone Up To 7 Charges Up To 8 Charges
Tablet Up To 3 Charges Up To 4 Charges
Laptop N/A Up To 2 Charges