New Release | A Cable For The Oculus Link FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST

Ever since the Oculus Quest Link made its debut last year, Virtual Reality Users around the World continue to shower the system with praises. "Having the ability to stream my games right from my PC has been a game-changer for me", Stephen Goodsman, a J-Go Tech Insider told us. There was one big problem though. "It took me weeks to find the right cable to use to even make streaming from my PC possible in the first place." We heard this common woe from our VR customers. And while Goodsman anxiously waited along with the rest of us for Oculus to drop their official cable, it also gave us time to absorb the sticker-shock that came along $79 cable.


A New Cable For The Oculus Quest Link Has Been Released And People Are Saying It Performs Just As Good, For A Fraction Of The Cost.


Key Points:

  • J-Go Tech Has Released An Alternative Cable To The Official Oculus Link Cable 
  • The Cable Comes in 3M, 3.5M and 4M Lengths And Are A Fraction Of The Price Of The Official Oculus Link Cable
  • The Cables Are Available On J-Go Tech's Website and Amazon USA and Amazon Canada.
  • The Cable Recently Passed Several Rounds of Beta Testing And Comes With A 12 Month Warranty


Since then, there's been other companies to bring alternative cables to market such as Party Link's 3M cable that is no-longer available. Though, from the feedback we've received,

"there's not a high-quality cable designed with VR users in mind that would be a solid yet cost-effective alternative to the official Oculus Link cable.", claimed Goodsman.


That was until J-Go Tech's recent release. "After month's of revisions and successful beta-testing rounds, J-Go Tech has released the next best thing to the official Oculus Link cable for a fraction of the cost", Jay Terry, President and Found of J-Go Tech announced at an exclusive pre launch event of the product this past week.

"We excited to introduce a cable that has surpassed performance metrics recorded by real-life VR Users around the world" - Jay Terry

Here's the Specs: 

USB C 3.1 Gen 2


5A (100W)

4K@ 60Hz Resolution

The cable is equipped with an E-Marker Chip for safe power negotiation between your devices. Also, the 90 Degree Angle Type-C adapter is a nice touch. 

To accommodate the action-packed mobility in VR World, this cable comes in 3 different lengths, 3M, 3.5M and 4M and each cable has 2 velcro straps for cable management.

You can purchase this cable directly through J-Go Tech's site here or pick it up on Amazon.


At J-Go Tech, our mission is to enhance the lives of our customers every day by exceeding their expectations.

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