SlimCharge | 2,500mAh Power Bank

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Brand J-Go Tech

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It has been a long week and your colleagues are going out for drinks after work. You want to go but it’ll keep you out past your curfew…yes, I said “curfew”. So, you thought those were just for teens? Think again. Your curfew is how much charge your phone has left. Is it enough for a round of drinks and an Uber ride home? Even worse, what if you don’t have enough battery left to see where they’ve ventured to?

If you had the SlimCharge power bank in your pocket, you wouldn’t have to compromise. This portable charger is slim and light enough to fit unnoticeably in any pocket and has enough power to quickly give your phone the boost it needs to keep up with you, so now you can stay out and celebrate a hard week’s work.



Color Black w/ Blue Cable
Height 3 7/8"
Width 2 3/4"
Thickness 1/4"
Weight 3.1oz
Capacity 2,500mAh
Output Attached Micro-USB (DC 5V/1A)
Input Micro-USB (DC 5V/1A)
Material Aluminum Alloy
Battery Type Polymer
Certifications RoHS, CE, FCC
Warranty 12 months
Includes Micro-USB Cable, Micro-USB to Apple Lightning adapter


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