Keychain 9-in-1 Car Emergency Utility Device


Brand J-Go Tech

Arrives in 3-5 business days with FREE SHIPPING!

9 Features, 1 Device

Window Breaker: Designed to help you break your car window safely and escape in an automotive accident. 
Tire Pressure Gauge w/ LCD DIsplay: Always have a convenient, easy way to accurately test the air pressure in your tires. 
Flashlight: Provides light for you when needed. 
Flashing Emergency Light: Use the emergency light to help signal help if stranded at night.
Keychain: Keep the device on your keys so you'll always have it with you when it's needed. 
Bottle Opener: With a convenient bottle opener, it's there when you or a friend need it most. 
Blade: One of the most handy, versatile tools you can have in various scenarios. Whether you're opening a new product/gift or simply cutting off a loose string, this can be used every day.
Screwdriver (+ /-): Provides convenience and helps reduce the clutter of tools.


Color Black w/ Silver Trim
Length 3.9"
Width 1.7"
Thickness 0.9"
Weight 2.7oz
Display Type LCD
Material ABS + Stainless Steel
Battery Type AG8 (x2)
Flashlight LED
Certifications CE
Warranty 12 months


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