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Durable & Universal  

  • 10Gbps Data Transfer: Supports SuperSpeed data transmission (send or receive an HD movie in as little as 2.5 seconds), as well as audio and 4K video signal.
  • USB Power Delivery: Charges any current or future USB-C device at max speed. Utilizes E-marker chip to safely deliver up to 100W (5A) of power.
  • Reversible Design: Easily insert the connector into any Type-C enabled device (does not matter which side is up).
  • Premium, Ultra-Durable Material: Most cables are rubber and plastic, leaving you with a tangled mess that frays far too easily. Our world-class product is a neat, durable and tangle-free nylon-braided cable equipped with aluminum alloy connectors at each end, so it's sure to bend (over and over) but not break for a lifetime.
  • What You Get: USB-C to USB-C 3.1 Gen2 cable, a hassle-free LIFETIME WARRANTY and the most responsive customer service in the industry.